This project was the construction of the main road of DARAN -DOROOD with a length of about 25 Km.

It includes the construction of four round-trip lanes which is in front of the access road.

The project consist of 45 bridge, with 15000 M3 concert work,800 ton steel work, more than 3000000 M3 earth work


This project was the construction of SAVEH Ring -road with approximate length of 30 km located in the central province of IRAN.

It starts from KAVEH( Industrial City of SAVEH) and ends at TEHRAN-SALAFCHEGAN highway.

The main role of project was prevention of heavy traffic of road through the SAVEH city.

It consists of over 80 large and medium bridge. And it contains about

90000 M3 concrete work ,200000-ton asphalt ,900-ton steel work, more than 5000000 M3 earth work.

The main point of project was that it was the first compact roller concrete project in Iran.



It was EPC project of construction second runway in ZAHEDAN airport at sought west of Iran.
The project was Engineering, Production, Construction of a full runway with length of 4000m and width of 45m and two over run of 400 m length and 3o m width each. Also, it included 5 taxiways with total length or 3000m and 23m width And a concrete slap apron of 35000 m2.
The project consisted of 2500000 3earth work,5000 m3 concrete ,2000-ton steel work,900000-m3 base and subbase course materiats,200000-ton asphalt.


The project is residential complex townhouses consist of 24 single family houses in two rows in SEPAHAN-SHAHR near the ISFAHAN at center of Iran.
Every single-family house is a two-story building which consist of living room, kitchen, and bathroom in ground floor and 3 bedrooms in 2nd floor.
Total floor aria of project is about 3600 m2 and estimated budget is around150 billion RI (5million CAD).
The main structure of project is reinforced concrete, and all the walls are masonry material.


The project is a single residential vacation house (villa) in RAMSAR a seaside city in north of IRAN.
The building has a reinforced concrete structure and masonry walls.
It consists of a living and dining aria, kitchen, one bedroom, bathroom, garage in ground floor and 4-bedroom ,3- bathroom and a patio in 2nd floor with total aria of 450 m2.
Total budget of project estimated about 3 billion RI (1millionCAD) and
construction time is about 8 month.


This project is construction of a three-story commercial building with total floor aria of 2100 m2 in PARDIS hometown in IRAN.
It is a concrete slab and foundation building and masonry walls.
The project budget is around 50 billion RI (about 1.5 million CAD) and it is a turn key project.
It mainly consists of 1500 m2 concrete ,900-ton steel ,2000m3 masonry ,200000m3 earth work.